Made to order. Sustainable, Ethical Fashion. Made with love on the Sunshine Coast.


Olasol is about making bright, bold outfits for fun in the sun.

My passion for making, sunshine, colour and the beach all meet here - olasol.

Living here on the Sunshine Coast I’ve become increasingly aware of how important it is to protect yourself from the sun every time you go out, and seriously it’s not just kids who hate putting on sunscreen. Covering up became a much better way for us to avoid excessive sun exposure.

But not with boring clothes, and not the kind of fast fashion that is increasingly having an impact on our planet. I have found amazing, unique prints in gorgeous bright colours, using natural organic or recycled synthetic fibres wherever possible and all hand-made to order right here in Australian adhering to the principles of slow and sustainable fashion.

As such please allow up to 3 weeks for this process with every effort made to reduce waste and the footprint made on the planet. Slow and sustainable fashion.

So enjoy your made to order, handmade style out there!

Oh, and I love custom orders, so contact me with anything you need.